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A Message to our Customers

I realize that many customers get frustrated when our bags sell out early. Your satisfaction is important to us and we want you to have an enjoyable buying experience. To better understand our situation, I’ll try to answer the most commonly asked questions on this subject…

Why don’t you start a pre-order list?
Pre-order and waiting lists didn’t work for us. It became overwhelming—keeping track of deposits, order changes and cancellations ate up too much of my time, which was better used for making bags. So I decided to make the ordering process straightforward—first come, first served. It keeps me sane.

You need to expand. Can’t you hire some workers to make more bags?
We're perfectly content with our small “mom and pop” business. My wife and I take great pride in making each bag, and I like to oversee each step. (Some might call that anal!) There are great companies making lots of bags…we’re just not one of them.

Raise your prices. Supply vs. demand, right?
We strive to offer a quality product for a fair price. That was one of my goals when we went full-time with Acorn Bags. We consider ourselves lucky to make something with our own hands that people will enjoy! It’s enough for us.

Running a modest business goes hand in hand our simple lifestyle. My wife and I will continue to stay the course and do what we do best; crank out bags at our own pace and have fun while we’re at it. The support of the biking community is the reason why we still exist after 10 years! We sincerely thank you for that.—Ron