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X-Pac Compact Rando Bag

X-Pac Compact Rando Bag

$ 135.00

A "just right" bag for spirited rides. When designing our Compact Rando Bag, we applied the "Goldilocks principle": make a bag that's not too small or big, and not too simple or complex.  We ended up with a light and efficient bag—nothing's there that doesn't need to be. And we kept it functional, with 3 pockets and a wraparound stiffener. Access to your stuff is quick and unfussy. With a water-resistant zipper on top and hook and loop fasteners for the pockets, it's easy to open with bulky gloves.

Our Compact Rando Bag mounts securely to your rack without adding a decaleur...avoiding complexity, expense and weight.

How we achieved a tight bag/rack interface:

  1. Heavy duty straps cinch securely around the rack rails.
  2. Stiff leather sleeves encase the straps, restricting movement.
  3. A wraparound stiffener—held under tension—applies pressure against the rack.
  4. Leather “tombstone” sleeve creates a snug fit.

Why we broke with tradition and used X-Pac™ fabric:

I took on this project after receiving requests to make a "lightish" rando bag. I wanted to keep a classic look, but I didn't want to restrict myself by only using heritage materials. X-Pac X10™ fabric strikes a nice balance by combining natural cotton duck with the modern performance of Dimension-Polyant's sailcloth technology.

We also used YKK Uretek™ water-resistant zippers, ITW® Nexus/Fastex Mil-Spec hardware and hook and loop fasteners for their ease of use and light weight.

Why we got rid of the map case pocket:

Omitting the top flap and map case shaves off a few ounces. Also, you may want to forgo a map case If you live in a cold climate, since even the best marine-grade vinyl will eventually crack in sub-zero temps. Lastly, while a map case is convenient for...well, paper maps...it's not as necessary as it once was.

This bag is sized to fit the Nitto M-12 rack, Nitto Mark’s rack, Velo Orange and other *similarly sized* Randonneur style front racks (see fitting guide diagram). Non-standard sized mini racks and other rack styles will NOT mount securely. Please contact me with any fit questions before purchase.

Please note: In the process of improving our products, we occasionally make running changes. Actual item may slightly vary from what is shown in the photos.


  • DIMENSION-POLYANT X-PAC X10™ cotton duck fabric with X-Ply™ reinforcement and waterproof film backing. German manufacturer since 1966.
  • YKK URETEK™ water-resistant zipper. Japanese manufacturer since 1934.
  • ITW NEXUS/FASTEX™ MIL-SPEC hardware. American manufacturer since 1912.
  • HERMANN OAK "ENGLISH BRIDLE" premium leather vegetable-tanned from U.S. hides. American manufacturer since 1881.


  • 2 REAR POCKETS with hook and loop closure
  • WIDE FRONT POCKET fits most folded maps
  • Removable, HIDDEN STIFFENER helps prevent sagging
  • LIGHT COLORED INTERIOR makes it easy to see inside
  • YKK URETEK™ water-resistant zipper
  • D-RINGS to attach optional Shoulder Strap
  • REPLACEABLE heavy-duty rack straps included


  • Inside dimensions (main compartment): 9.75"w x 7.5"h x 5.75"d (25 x 19 x 15 cm)
  • Outside dimensions (inc. pockets): 10"w x 7.75"h x 9.25"d (25 x 20 x 23 cm)
  • Capacity: approx. 6.75 L
  • Weight (incl. straps/stiffener): 19 oz (539 g)
  • Weight (incl. straps, stiffener removed for weight weenies): 13.5 oz (383 g)