Our Gray batch has been delayed until May...we're working hard to get it out asap. Thanks for your patience during these trying times!
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Restocking Schedule

We make our bags in small batches and post them to our store every 6-8 weeks. (First come, first served; sorry, no waiting or pre-order lists.) 

There's 3 ways to find out when new stock arrives:

  1. Easiest: Go to the bottom of the page to sign up to our notification list.
  2. ...or refer to this page for updates.
  3. ...or follow us on Twitter.
Batch color(s) Sales date
1) Gray Waxed Canvas Batch May 2020* (tentative, I apologize for the delay!)
2) Brown Waxed Canvas Batch TBA*
3) Black Waxed Canvas Batch

*Exact sales date will be posted when batch nears completion.

Ordering questions answered here.