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Stabilizing Cords

Stabilizing Cords

$ 2.50

Stabilizing Cords for our Handlebar and Rando Bags. Most any piece of string will work just fine...but we offer these if you want to splurge. You get 2 pieces of 22 inch parachute cord and 2 Fastex brand cordlocks—the strongest in the business with a 10 lb spring. (Both cords and locks are made in the U.S.A.)

Here's a slip-proof way of installing the cords (see photos):

  1. Loop loose cord around handlebar.
  2. Feed one end of cord through d-ring "from above".
  3. Feed other end through d-ring "from below".
  4. Insert cord lock and snug up against d-ring.
  5. Knot loose ends together and cut and melt ends.
Please note: In the process of improving our products, we occasionally make running changes. Actual item may slightly vary from what is shown in the photos.